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Your house has just been hit hard by brutal weather. While looking over the wreckage and think about what you need to do, it suddenly hits you, "My stuff!". You sprint inside to see if you can find your legal documents. They are still there but are covered in dirt. What is there to do? Do you just throw them away? Paul Davis Systems can help you with our groundbreaking contents cleaning services.

What is Contents Cleaning?

Contents cleaning is a way to clean and restore items including jewelry, electronics, documents, clothing, linens, photos, and more. We do not accomplish this with a bucket of a water and a sponge. We use the latest technology to remove smoke, odour, and other pollutants from these items. Although everything can't be completely restored with this service, we will do our best to help you get your life back together. A Paul Davis Systems technician can advise you to determine which of your items will be eligible for contents cleaning.

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Find a way to possibly save what means so much to you with contents cleaning and restoration Chelsea MI from Paul Davis Systems. Learn how we can help with your property damage by contacting us today.

contents cleaning and restoration Chelsea MI